We want to present all the fundamental principles of Enneagram theory in the most
accessible and straightforward way possible.

We aspire to become a convenient library of thematic articles. Once the section of articles is sufficiently expanded, we plan to add a keyword search feature. Additionally, after adding all the important sections and articles, we plan to incorporate two tests: a quick test to determine Enneatype and a detailed test to determine wings, tritypes, and dominant instincts. Like any other tests, they will not provide an exact result, but they will at least help narrow down the search in self-typing, where this site can act as an assistant.

Provide information from the Enneagram that can genuinely be helpful to people.
Good entertainment and an opportunity to get to know oneself a little better. Without imposing questionable "spiritual practices," esotericism, or compelling people to spend money on it. We simply want to provide some guidance on what our guests can later discuss with qualified psychologists and psychotherapists, without taking on the responsibility
to fundamentally change a user's life with knowledge of personality typology. We will be pleased if the Enneagram model proves to be a convenient guide for individuals to begin understanding themselves better and can help on this journey, without causing harm
or detracting from the necessary therapy.

9enneatypes.com — this is an informational website about the Enneagram.

Our goal is multifaceted:

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